At just 7 years, he reached that moment that nobody wants, when he still does not understand many things in life.

Translated by LUZ ESTHER RAMOS

 Tegucigalpa, Honduras December 18, 2017.- The deepest of sorrows, the most bitter of experiences, the greatest pain, is losing your mother. Just what happened to Eder. There, far away in a hidden corner of Mexico. The migrant Garífuna boy, after the bitter experience, returns home with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Honduras.
He traveled accompanying his mother to a better life, like thousands of our compatriots, for the United States, but life played a trick on him, death has snatched his mother . She went to a hospital to give birth, but never returned, there was a complication and she died of cardiac arrest, according to people close to her family.
Eder was left alone, well, almost alone. I do not even want to imagine what he must have felt when they gave him the news. All the arms that could console him were in Corozal, thousands of kilometers away
At just 7 years old, he reached that moment that nobody wants. When he still does not understand many things in life. Eder had to behave like the most and the best. In Tabasco, the city where his mother died, they had found a very good lady, of those souls and an angel’s heart, with her she stayed when the tragic news came.
The previous Monday, December 11, his family in Honduras learned of what until then was just a rumor. The next morning, Tuesday 12 a family member called Facebook’s Messenger to Faby’s cell phone, Eder’s mother.
Unfortunately, a person from the hospital answered that Fabiola had left this world. There began the cries and screams of despair, but now there was the uncertainty of what had happened with Eder.
Migrant Garífuna child
It was with the lady we referred to, it is easy to imagine what was possibly in Eder’s mind: fear, sadness and confusion. After this, they proceeded to look for a Garífuna friend, also a migrant, who was in a nearby city and two days after him, in the midst of all this a special joy came to the family and more when they saw the photo of the meeting.
He lost his mother, when they were looking for a better life … It seems like a nightmare, but it’s real. It looks like a movie. Losing your mother, far away, far away from your family and staying alone. The migrant Garífuna child is a champion
2015 to 2017, four lives lost, all four are women
Kenny Castillo Fernández, who studies Garifuna migration, records four deaths between 2015 and 2017. Four female victims: in July 2015, Mrs. Merlin Hortensia Martínez, originally from Río Tinto, died in Panama. The previous year, always in Panama, on September 27, Heysel Maribel Colón of the Bajamar community died. In August of the previous year Magda Meléndez de Corozal died in Mexico and now we have to mourn Fabiola Chávez.
It is worth noting that Heysel Colón was also pregnant, that is to say, the victims derived from the irregular migration, there are actually six. Since 2014, feminization has been the main feature of Garífuna migration. Between 2013 and 2014 about 5 thousand Garífuna migrated irregularly, 60 percent were women with their children.  

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